Function of Square Footage Calculator

square footage calculator 1Not many home owners really understand about their property’s square footage, thinking that knowing such info isn’t important at all. However, such thing will be a big deal when you have to do some renovations or getting a mortgage. The lender would want to know the details about how their money is spent, so if you don’t really know about it….well, you’re doomed.

There is no need to worry, however, as calculating the square footage isn’t that difficult. As long as you know the width and length of the property, you can always make use of square footage calculator to help you. Such calculator is provided through websites freely, which means that you don’t have to spend a dime to use one. In fact, today’s calculator comes in various types and models, such as circle square footage calculator or the rectangular one, so you can choose the type of calculator that is suitable with the type of your property. Using one is also easy; all you need to do is to measure the property, fill in the information on the provided slot, and you are good to go! The result will be provided to you within seconds.

Knowing exactly the square footage of the property is important if you want to renovate the house. If you want to install a new carpet or knowing exactly how much paint you need for the remodelling work, such info will be crucial. People today don’t really know where their property starts and ends, leaving empty spaces for ambiguity. Sometimes disputes over property happen because of the unknown fact. Don’t be surprised if it turns out that the part of land you think yours, turn out belongs to your neighbour – and you have been mowing it for years! Or you may wonder why your property slot is somewhat smaller when compared to others, because your neighbours have been extending their properties into yours without you knowing it.

square footage calculatorIf you live in the city, most properties are coming in regular shapes, either rectangular or square. It makes calculating easier and you simply measure the width and length. Multiply them, and you can get the result for your square footage. For example, if you have 110 feet width of property and 115 feet of length, the result will be 43,560 square feet. However, if you have oddly shaped property, you need to break them into smaller parts of triangles and rectangular. Remember your geometry class about calculating different shapes with different equations? Well, this is about time your knowledge becomes handy. Once the smaller parts are counted for, simply add them up and you can have your total number.

Some websites even provide the means to calculate the total cost of the renovation, especially if you find the calculator from home improvement sites. So, once you fill in the information about the property and get the result, you can make use of the provided special calculator to calculate the cost – more or less. By doing this, you have at least clearer ideas of how much you need.

App Review: Boxer Email for Android

New Boxer Email App for Android 1

After so much waiting, finally Boxer email app has been launched to Android market. Before this application is dedicated only for iOS along with great respond from the iOS user, Boxer CEO sees the opportunity to be able to expand on much greater market of Android. And they give it a go to actually launch the application. They also want to introduce their new enterprise feature to gain more interest.

New Boxer Email App for Android

What you will get from Boxer email app?

We surely know that there are many other email applications out there, and then what does this new application have to offers? Boxer has more than 30 features to gives, and here are some main features that you will like.

  1. All in one: with this email client you would be able to connect all of your email accounts into one client. Then you do not need to open your email one by one since you could open it at once with Boxer email application.
  2. Fast email: they also give a guarantee that their service is the fastest among all other email client. There are also useful tools such as fast response, bulk editor, and also smart labeling.
  3. Customization: you often find yourselves want to customize our email appearance, signature, notification, and many others but sadly your email provider might not have such feature, but with Boxer email application you could customize your email in anyway you want.
  4. Security: you surely do not want your important email to be read by anyone which is why there is security feature where you could set a password for your email.

Enterprise feature for high activity

When it comes to enterprise, email is a very important tool for information and communication. You often confirm your meeting dates using it or organize other task before you conduct it. But when you use ordinary email client it would be too difficult to do, especially when you use different email to communicate with different client. Changing one email to other back and forth would make it very chaotic. But with Boxer you could do it easier since they could sort things up for you, making to do list directly from the email client, respond your email in just a few steps and many others. With this you do need to use other email client just for your enterprise task.

This is important especially for a company where hidden files in mandatory. When a company use ordinary email client that they set up for their employee, it might not be user friendly and difficult to navigate. Not to mention that the ordinary email does not have all useful feature that the employee need. That is why employee often uses other email client to communicate and this might have a risk to break company data to outsider. But with Boxer that would not happened since they offers higher security for their soon to be enterprise email application. But both personal and enterprise use of Boxer email application on both Android and iOS has proven to be useful and effective.

Colornote Notepad Notes Android to Organize Yourself

Colornote notepad notes android 1

Some might say that notepad has no use, but with Colornote people starts to think otherwise. Colornote notepad notes android is an application made by Park Sung Suh which become globally popular since it could help people to organize themselves. It could add everyone productivity which is why 30 percent of Colornote users come from United States which badly need to organize themselves.

At first Park Sung Suh only wants to develop an application that could not be thrown away by people since it is too important. And he did it greatly with the help of users that continue to give feedbacks on the development of the application.

The history on creation of Colornote

Park Sung Suh once creates an English dictionary before he goes to US to help himself. But then he uses the application to test the android market by launch it through Google Play. The feedback that he gets is to add a note beside the dictionary, and that is the time when he decides to focus on the notes application. He wants to design an application that comes with simple design and easy interface so everyone could use it to keep a note on smartphones. This application completed and launched on 2009 and quickly reaches more than 25 million users only in 3 years.Colornote notepad notes android

Feature of Colornote that useful for you

  1. Checklist: Besides creating your own notes you could also create a checklist of things you need.
  2. Grouping: since there are many colors uses in the notes you could create a group based on the color.
  3. Sticky: attached the Colornote notepad notes android on the home screen of your device.
  4. Calendar: create a notes based on the dates so you could easily know what you should do today and tomorrow.
  5. Backup: you could save your data so it would never be lost even if you lost your phone.
  6. Security: when you do not want anyone to read your notes you could secure it with password so anyone who want to open the notes need to enter the right password.

The best part of Colornote

  1. Colorful notes: there are many things that you could get from this application, for a start not all people could organize themselves, but with this application you could easily know how to use different kind of colors to work on your schedule.
  2. Reminder: a lot of people worried that they might forget something even when they already write it down. This is why the Colornote comes with a reminder feature that could prompt you for anything important at the time that you need so now you do not have to concentrate in reminding anything anymore.
  3. Easy access: there are times when you have to write the same notes on different kind of devices. But you do not have to do it anymore with this Colornote notepad notes android since you could save all your schedule data on a SD card and even a cloud storage where you could access it anywhere and anytime you want using any kinds of device.

Nest Android App for the Safety of Your House

nest android app

Some of you might worry on how to protect your family at home especially when you are away and could not control your home directly. But now you do not have to be afraid since you could get a Nest alarm which uses to inform you about anything that happened on your house, from the smoke and fire, it could even tell you where the fire occur so you could be safer. Moreover this tool is equipped with Nest Android app which could be used from afar.

Feature from alarm that is more than ordinary

Nest Android App1The Nest alarm is made by Google laboratory that is why they could create a special app on Android operating system to help them boarding their service. With this Android app you would be able to control your house from distance. What important is that they would not only for as an alarm with beeping sound but you will actually get a message that tells you what happened. Then you could ask for more information regarding the problem directly from the app.

Usually people become annoyed by the false alarm that ordinary smoke alarm creates but this alarm done more than that. They would be able to carefully analyze the smoke that happened on your house so you would not get any false alarm. Furthermore with Android application they want to make the information reach the user in real time so there would not be any time wasted on the way.

On this Nest Android app you could even see the recorded smoke alarm that happened during 10 days history with detail info such as places and carbon monoxide level on detected by the alarm. You will also get a suggestion on how to avoid the alarm especially when it is not a dangerous alarm and it is just you who make the smoke happened so the alarm would not go off when such things happen in the future.

When you experience some danger inside your house you might become panic and does not know what to do, but this application will help you to overcome your fear since they have a list of things to do when any dangerous event happened so you could easily follow all guidance and keep your family save.

There are a few warning level that the application will give you, when the alarm only detect small number of smoke and little level or carbon monoxide on your house, it will give you a friendly heads up of what is going on so you could check it whether it is a real fire that could goes bigger so you could escape quickly or it is just your toaster that is overly exited so you could turn it off without starting to panic.

With this app the alarm would not only warn you of anything but it sort of talking to you about what happened. That is why it is a very useful app to have, not to mention the Nest android app will always have the newest technology from Google.

New Nokia Maps Apps with Offline Mapping Technology

After breaking free from the harsh completion of tablets and smartphones Nokia finally come back to their idea in developing application for mobile phones. That is why they want to launch Nokia Maps Apps to enter the new application developer world. This application is actually intended to be add to Nokia mobile phones that uses windows 8 platform, but since they are no longer manage the phones now they could freely creates it as cross platform mobile application for both android and iOS. That is why this new application could be downloaded for free on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Nokia Maps Apps

The difference of Nokia’s map with other maps

However both android and iOs already have their own maps application, then what would Nokia do to be able to surpass those two and gain interest from users? They said that the map Nokia make would have downloaded map feature that other maps applications do not have. With this feature we could then fully download the whole map of any area that we need to our mobile phones.

That is why Nokia Maps Apps could be used as offline map version of the online maps that android and iOS have. Users would then be able to use the offline map to search routes and as navigation tools without have to constantly connect to the networks. They would also be able to use the offline map to search for address or places without searching it on the online maps.

Nokia believes that now people are searching for an alternative maps that could be used without constant internet connection. And this is where Nokia will place their application to be able to compete with the others as location search engine. After the launch of the application then Nokia could do some improvement to the application with the help of feedback they gain from the users.

Nokia works on maps application


You should know that this is not the first time Nokia launch a maps application for iOS because in 2012 they already launch an application called HERE Maps. But that application is a failure because it is actually not an application but online mobile website that disguised as an application. That is why Apple Application Store has get rid of it a year after. Let us hope that this new Nokia application would be different from the last map application Nokia launch.

Nokia creates this application without planning to rips fortune from it right after the launch because they do not put any place for advertisement like the one we always see on Google right after we search something on their engine.

Nokia even takes their maps application a step further by making a deal with Samsung to add their maps on Tizen platform which is another open source operation system that supported by this South Korean company. Let us wait for the release of Nokia Maps Apps that scheduled to be launched before the year end, and see whether they could really provides all the feature that Nokia promise and whether the feature would work greatly.

App Review: Reddit AMA for Android

You could see how often some of us use reddit everyday to get the newest information. Moreover you must be very excited when using Ask Me Anything or AMA especially when there is someone famous that you love participates on it. Sadly this application only available on iOS thus gives it limited access. Reddit saw this as a downside of their service, which is why they now create reddit AMA for Android.

App Review- Reddit AMA for Android

What Reddit AMA could do for us?

With this new application Android users could read any news in just one click. You could also be able to ask and read any question in real time that becomes the main feature of AMA. Thus you could be more involved in the interviews that happened on reddit. For you who like simple things you would also get notification for any interviews that trending on reddit so you do not have to search for interesting interview yourselves.

By using this reddit AMA for Android application now, you don’t need to access the interview directly on main website anymore especially since their website is not user friendly. Usually new AMA users might feel a bit confused when visiting their website in first use, since they have commenting system that actually not very suitable to answering and asking question. And now we have this application to cope with those problems.

The interface on this application also improved so you could easily ask any question and also sees the answers you get. Do not forget about up vote and down vote system that become reddit signature since you will also get the same feature on this AMA application.

App Review- Reddit AMA for Android 1

What makes interesting in this AMA application is that the content any user summit to them is moderated before release to the public with verification, this is a rare thing since they do not do this kind of things on other reddit contents. You would also get a few taps to separate the new, trending, and hottest AMA so it would be easier for you to know things around. This especially useful for interesting AMA that usually getting buried among other question so you might not find it anymore. They even create a badge system that indicates active AMA when they still answer question in real time. That way you would know whether you still have a chance on your question getting answered or not.

Why would they create Reddit AMA for Android?

The answer would be because they want to reach greater market thus making more profits by doing so, especially since next they have been on information industry for 10 years their first open in 2005. Currently they have 150 million monthly users but sadly reddit has not done anything worth to remember these past years, but this application might just be the one that could make the company grows even greater. Now we will wait what feedback that this reddit AMA for Android will get from the users and see the impact that this application will bring to the news industry.